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What to Expect Every Wednesday

  • The Seven Basic Wisdom Question you must Ask

    1. Who am I?
    2. Where did I come from?
    3. Why am I here?
    4. Where am I going?
    5. When will I reach my destination?
    6. How will I get to where I am going to?
    7. Who will help me reach my destination?

  • Discover the... Seven Mysteries of Wisdom

    1. God’s Love, Grace and Mercy
    2. How to solve marital, financial and life’s problems.
    3. What to do with Worry and Fear?
    4. How to have a happy life and a happy home?
    5. How to get from Earth to Heaven?
    6. How Jesus can make a Difference in your Life?
    7. How to be Healthy and Prosperous in Life

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